A Safe Place

A Safe Place

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

Adam Matthews is on the run from his past life and abusive fiancée.

Flying across the country in his bid to escape, Adam gets stuck in the small town of Bay Grove Point in Maine with a population of only 800 people. 

As he waits for the next bus out of town, Adam is oddly drawn to the tight knit community, especially that of the Spencer family who are fighting their own grief, and a brother that must care for his two nephews. 

When the bus comes, Adam must make a decision to either stay and make a life for himself or leave.  But when a stranger from Adam's past arrives and starts asking questions, Adam's chance of a new life is put in danger. 


This is my first stand-alone MxM story.

If you are suffering from or have been in an abusive relationship,  please know that you are not alone and if you ever want someone to talk to I am always available.

The photographs belong to their owners and the characters and places named within the story are entirely fictional and of my own making.

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Husky_wolf_girl Husky_wolf_girl Dec 05, 2016
Great book! I love how he stood up to the jerkwad. Mine was mental but after I was abused I didn't do much of anything. I cowered away from everything...he's very brave.
That's fuucked up! Did no one else speak up for him like really! ? Lousy!
yellowbin yellowbin Apr 08, 2016
FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT! I love messy houses (as in things just thrown around a little) because it makes them look more homely to me
Jennifersmith56 Jennifersmith56 Aug 29, 2016
Great book with a really good writer keep up the great work☺️
ghost_girl445 ghost_girl445 Oct 31, 2016
I bloody love your books and I've literally read two, loooooooove them so so much❤️❤️💛💜💙💙💚
May30Flowers May30Flowers Mar 13, 2016
So I read chapters - 1 and 2, and can't wait to read more.  Love the characters especially Aaron.  I can tell this is a story that I know I am going to love.