The Boy's Next Door [Yaoi]

The Boy's Next Door [Yaoi]

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•°°° By DorkyFujoshi Updated Sep 12, 2017

"It's simple...You.Are.Ours"
-Johnson Brothers
- - I - -

[Yandere!Male!OC!Twins x Uke!Male!Reader](A/n inside explains everything.)

(M/n) was told by his father that they were going to have new neighbors. Unfortunately, Mr.Johnson's sons were a bit... off. And not only that, they seemed to have their eyes on him. Sadly for him, his and their father are practically 'friends' and now he has to spend time with them every time they come over. 

What happens when the brothers finally snap trapping (M/n) in his own room, and makes him become 'one' with them?

- - II - -
Note: I'm probably going to make route endings.

⚠Warning: Gore, yaoi/boyxboyxboy, slight manxboy, manxman, smut, slight incest, murdering, and blood.⚠

Disclaimer: I own everything, except for the art/pictures/gifs.

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YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Sep 12, 2017
Did you post what m/n looks like I really want to know and is he a uke and how tall is he
LifeInANutshelll LifeInANutshelll Oct 21, 2017
This just reminded me of a time I was forced to go to a stranger’s house aka my parents friends house and there was a girl my age and the entire time we were alone together in her room she...just....kept...braiding leaves
- - Jun 28, 2016
Oh my god
                              The sneak peek sounds so good. And interesting.
                              I hope to read more. *-*
HoroscopeHaunter HoroscopeHaunter Dec 18, 2016
Text: "I could feel the dark and murderous aura surrounding them as they glared at the now unrecognizable body of my best friend."
                              Me: SAME
NightStarCrest NightStarCrest May 18, 2016
_Neko NightStarCrest_
                              *ears perk up* HAREM! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
madame_valentine madame_valentine Jun 27, 2016
Ohhhhhhh. Can't wait for the next chapter bro. Also idk if I like reader-kun being seme, but you do you.