The Alpha's Nerd

The Alpha's Nerd

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Emery Clarke is the school's nerd. 

Not the typical glasses and braces type, but the quiet type. The type that gets picked on. The type to rather pick the library than a busy classroom. She's very kind and sweet, even hough her best friend is a total badass. 

Soon, Emery is pulled in a world of things that happen in movies or teen-romance books. And she realises she's apart of something much bigger. And that her mate is the Alpha, and not to mention bad-boy, Xander Black.

Literally am on like chapter 28 but I forgot EVERYTHING so I have to reread
People say that I'm nothing like my mom, that I got all of my dads genes, but if you truly know our weird family, you would see that me and my mom actually have the same emotional feels. We cry at least once in each TV episode.
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Everyone's like I'm the smart friend *snorts* I'm the stupid one but I don't use anybody
That me and my best friend except she's my slut and I'm her hoe.
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Well what and exciting turn of events *gets a handful of popcorn out of the bag*