On The Run

On The Run

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XxSassyCynicxX By XxSassyCynicxX Completed

Chloe Lane is lost, emotionally and literally, on the streets of New York, and this is something she thinks she’s prepared for. What she isn’t prepared for is the overwhelming kindness of four of the few people who could possibly know and understand what she’s going through. She’s running from fear, from pain and most of all, from a brutal and virulent past. Trust is a marathon in hail, rain and fire, and Chloe is a tightly closed book, but as the spine begins to creak under all the weight, there’s a chance she just might burst open.

Sarah Parks is a cop, first and foremost. Her dedication to her job is something that her partner, Jake Finchley, has never been able to understand or accept. But when Jake suddenly needs Sarah’s help with one of the biggest cases in the history of their time at the NYPD, a personal and covert one at that, her dedication is all he needs. However, Sarah’s distressing history seems to catch up with her each step of the way, and it’s all she can do not to sink under the weight. As Sarah and Jake both go against everything they’ve ever known to be right, the boundaries of their friendship are tested with the weight of their secrets and the disturbing possibility of an ending. 

With Sarah hot on Chloe's trail, the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly dimming, with an apocalyptic tension. 

And they all know it.

Secrets exposed. Loves lost. Friendship redefined. Paths crossed. No one is who they seem and no one’s life is as it seems. Through a tale of love, ambiguity, revenge and learning, the lives of everyone in this tale intertwine as they fight for and against love, life and of course, the law.

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