Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Oneshots and Preferences

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Oneshots and Preferences

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alexa By alexaveil Updated Feb 02, 2017

Need your daily dose of Ultimate Spiderman? You've come to the right place! The title pretty much says it all, so come on in, take a seat, and read the best Ultimate Spiderman oneshots and prefs Wattpad has to offer! (Okay, not really, but I like to think so) Hope you enjoy!

**NOTE: Currently not taking requests, but still updating!!

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Doomspeaker Doomspeaker May 26, 2016
Taskmaster x My OC, Jane. Jane is a 19 year old who researches villains and gets caught in the middle of one of Taskmaster's operation.
Minxbunny Minxbunny Jul 07, 2016
Can you please put Saji Kami with Sam Alexander please, they're going on a date and then it rains (She's scared of thunder)
lollypoop302 lollypoop302 May 06, 2016
Can you write about my oc Grace James? she is 16 and it is her bday . And I want the plot to be a surprise!!
oceanicdegrees oceanicdegrees Mar 12, 2016
Sam x Random OC
                              Plot: Loki has taken over Earth and OC is his daughter. Sam and OC meet and spend a day together
Kelseeandkay Kelseeandkay Sep 11, 2016
Acts like a happy cherr leader some times and is shy when alone iron spider or cho ( dose not know they are the same ) best Friends are dagger and Ava
Toxicfoxr Toxicfoxr Mar 11, 2016
I bet you can guess what I'm requesting. 
                              Sam x Casey
                              Plot: I kinda thought it'd be cool if we saw them in the future together or something??