In Love With My Baby Daddy {AMBW}

In Love With My Baby Daddy {AMBW}

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Maia Black By cosmic_tvndem Updated Apr 26

Pic of Ace in MM. 

Ace's father, Aiden Jeong, was coming to pick him up today so Ace could stay over at his house today and tomorrow. Ace was one years old and he was already a handful. He just started walking after his first birthday, he knows how to lock doors and open them, he goes into the bathroom and plays in the toilet water, and he's always finding this stuff on the floor that no one by him can find. Did I mention that he loves to throw my phone or iPad across the room? Did I also mention that he climbs onto his plastic table and turns down the thermostat? Or that he loves to hit me or anyone else within range of his chubby fists? Just like his father, Ace is a huge flirt. He'll say "hey" with a toothy grin to any girl he finds pretty or whenever we are out somewhere with my friends, he attaches himself to one of them for the rest of the day until we leave. 

As of now, I am changing Ace's diaper. He had pooped earlier and it was all up his back,gross. I kn...

Youre putting in too much detail, cut down on the action narration (I SWEAR IM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE)
JayCeeTink JayCeeTink May 20
Oh my God. My twins do the constantly. They find the tiniest thing that blend in with the floor but miss the bottle right next to them to take their brothers