Young Love.

Young Love.

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I moved into an apartment 2 days ago and today is my first day at school... I'm hella nervous..  I get dressed and brushed my wavy hair. I picked out black high waisted jeans, and a white crop top that says "Miami" 

I lived with my sister she's 19 and she's beautiful.. Everyone says I am too but I don't believe them.

My sister Lilliana dropped me off at school.. It was huge.. I went to the principals office to get my locker combo and schedule. I got my stuff and walked out.. My phone buzzed and me being the stupid self I was got zoned in on my phone and. It where I was going.. Seconds later
 i crashed onto the floor.

"Sorry!!" Me and the guy I bumped into said
My stuff was on the floor so, he helped me pick it up. He handed it to me and looked at me.. So I looked at him and dangg he was hot.
I'm working on part 2 know or tomorrow!! ❤️

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Only people who where here from the start know who Ilan is 😂