The Wilting Moon Flower (A Naruto Fanfiction)

The Wilting Moon Flower (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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the_Insomnia_queen By the_Insomnia_queen Updated Feb 07

Sequel to 'Twin of the Cherry Blossom'

Three years passed as she lived with the Akatsuki, Tsuki finally managed to control Cerridwen. Gaining the power of the Goddess' Dark Prophecy, the Underworld, and the Moon. Being in par with the S-Rank criminals, she's gain a name for herself, The Dark Maiden. 

As the years passed Tsuki finally grew cold towards her home village as she became rouge. She became merciless, showing no resentment when she shows her comrades who she finally became. She shows them that betraying and shunning her was a mistake. 

But not everyone gets the cold shoulder. There's only one ninja who could get through her walls and see who she's been hiding. As they meet in secrecy the two become closer to each other. 

But as conflict arises between the five great lands and the Akatsuki, life becomes harder. Not being able to run, Tsuki gets stuck in the middle.

But the question is, what side will she choose? 

Read to find out more.

MeowAna-chan MeowAna-chan Apr 03, 2016
Hahaha attacking fan girls! I love the drawing btw! I'm so jealous on how nice you can draw hands! It would be the end of the world if I manage to draw a hand correctly.....
17hello 17hello Mar 23, 2016
                              i'm sooooooo happy!!!!!!
                              love the drawing by the way
CutieChante CutieChante Mar 23, 2016
Omg this sounds good oh and love the pic glad you made her hair grow back I can't wait to read this please don't take long for the first chapter
NarniaPres NarniaPres Mar 25, 2016
Love the drawing! <3
                              Keep up the good work, I love your story! :)
HaruNoBara HaruNoBara May 19, 2016
Love your drawing:3 it is so pretty and you have talent in drawing and writing
Melody-Chama Melody-Chama Mar 23, 2016
Only I've been thinking about Sakiko or Tsuke? Well never mind,  full of excitement I'm waiting for next.