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The King's Bride

The King's Bride

1.3M Reads 48.8K Votes 53 Part Story
Elleon Uis By ElleonUis Completed

Princess Amatak was to marry King Jerodfan, who was known as a tyrant. On the way to Jerodfan's castle, the princess forced her maid, Bakani, to substitute her role. Arose from her overwhelm status, Bakani knew nothing about being a princess or politic, but at least she won't be doing any more chores around the castle! She'll be respected like a queen since she is marrying to the powerful king! At least that's what she thought! However, will Jerodfan allow a traitor's daughter live in his castle freely or will his cold heart melt by his innocent beautiful wife?

Set in a fictional country in middle east around 500 BCE. Everything is a made up story. This story is all mine. If you see anything familiar, please tell me. Thank you very much! 

cover made by one of my reader, @gadaffilicious Check out her books.

highest ranking was number 1 in historical fiction
but now it goes down to the bottom for some reason...

Rithushree Rithushree Nov 24, 2016
grammatical mistakes dont spoil a good plot if the writer is confident....... ncy start.
bitch-from-pakistan bitch-from-pakistan Nov 26, 2016
Shoutout to you for having a colored girl for a cover of a story that's based in the Middle East 🙌🏽🙌🏽 someone finally gets it right 😂
ShaniaHettiarachi ShaniaHettiarachi Nov 16, 2016
Haha. English is my first language, the only one I have confidence in and the one I lack the most confidence in. I feel ya! love the story line. I did not see that plot twist with the maid.
adorableabi adorableabi Aug 22, 2016
For someone who is complaining about grammar, I think you are  just doing fine. so keep it up
erikaraeb erikaraeb Aug 02, 2016
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sandersensarah sandersensarah Dec 02, 2016
Im going to cry this story looks so good.
                              I'm definitely reading it ASAP. Adding it to my list xx