The African Girl and The American Boy

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Lerata Swam is originally from South-Africa. She's a mixed girl who just turned 17 and isn't really that close to her mom. Her mom's job keeps them apart. So because of that, she is sent her dad's, which is is North Carolina (USA) Once there, the UNEXPECTED happens.  
     Brandon Williams is an average american boy. He's curly haired, has emerald green eyes and is well built. Who wouldn't fall for that? Plus with him being the captain on his football team, he is very well known by everybody and also by the girls.  
    What happens when these two love-birds cross path? Will Lerato just accept who she is and stop holding back the feelings she has for Brandon?  Remember, LOVE does not have COLOR... So join Lerato and Brandon as their journey BEGINS where there will be FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, BETRAYAL AND LOVE.  
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Amazing. I cannot wait for more.