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Isabelle Bolding By Underfell_Trash15 Completed

Every time Frisk dies, a little yellow flower grows on their body. This dimension stars the Underfells, and Frisk. Eventually Frisk has so many flowers that she goes blind, and relies on the kindness of others, mainly UF Sans and UF Flowey. This is a UF Sans x Frisk story, because I LOVE that ship.

This story doesn't belong to you. Thanks to you the author has been having a REALLY tough time and all of these thieves have ruined their life. You are a thief, and if you think that is ok you are trash. This belongs to SociopathicArchAngel, not you. I hope you're happy.
LexIzSlytherin LexIzSlytherin Jul 07, 2016
Hey this story doesn't belong to you another author called SociopathicArchAngel write this story! If your going to publish it on wattpad at least give credit to the original author. What's with people and plagurising these days
LegendaryRosePlayer LegendaryRosePlayer Oct 06, 2016
So u used the lines from the original undertale AND underfell??? Nice