Disgrace (A Scömìche Fanfiction)

Disgrace (A Scömìche Fanfiction)

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A huge problem in schools everywhere.

Mitch Grassi is one of the many victims of it. Everyday, he's forced to endure an onslaught of harsh words, rough actions, pain, and misery. He can't seem to escape. So, he lets it happen. He lets his fellow students push him around, hurt him just for the fun of it. He knows they're not going to stop, so what's the point in trying?

Choir is his only haven. He feels like he belongs there, he feels loved.

Until Scott comes.

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- - Apr 04, 2017
Wait what? D-Did he just *laughs, bending over* Did he just insult our queen? I think he did *smirks evilly* I'll show you what happens if you insult or hurt our queen... I'll give you a hint... they died...
Shanilator Shanilator Jan 05
Seriously what about his parents or are they those parents that don’t care and are busy with work or they’re drunk or abusive
Grete_ Grete_ Oct 20, 2017
Hi, Scott! Mitch, when's the wedding? *smiles*
                              (I actually am a little sad now)
jenna452156 jenna452156 Jan 15
Every year at my school a person comes up to me and is my friend but she's nice to me but not other people in so confused
scomiche2016 scomiche2016 Jul 25, 2017
Okay, what the actual f- *takes deep breaths* *thinks to self* calm down, Scott and Mitch will probably end up getting together by the end of this story anyways *forces to hold a smile*
Grete_ Grete_ Oct 01, 2017
I can't look at Gordon the same way I did when I first read it. Not after finishing the series :(