Mind at War | ✔

Mind at War | ✔

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Patricia Elliott By PatriciaElliott8 Completed

Take a moment to imagine your worst fear. Really imagine it. How would you feel if you were trapped with it? Unable to run from it. Unable hide from it. What if your worst fear existed within you?

No matter how hard Abigail Jackson tried to have a positive outlook on life, darkness followed her everywhere. Intrusive thoughts plagued her mind, like a swarm of locusts demolishing everything in its path.

Just when she thought she was gaining some control over her OCD, a blast from the past arrives on her doorstep, upending her world all over again.

#visible #freementalillness

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succqlents succqlents Aug 01, 2017
This is completely irrelevant to the story but the cover is a picture used in the brain expansion meme
                              I can't be the only one who noticed right
DawnKelli DawnKelli Oct 22, 2017
Love the new cover. The expression on her face says it all! ❤❤
Jerubel_Keziah Jerubel_Keziah Jun 19, 2017
This is exactly what a true knight would say. I wonder if she was dressed as a beautiful maiden.
PatienceGodwin PatienceGodwin Apr 08, 2016
Wow your writing is amazing! It flowed so perfectly!! I may need a lesson or two! Thank you for following my book because I would've never seen yours! Def adding this one to the list!
- - May 02, 2016
Great beginning.  This sounds authentic and honest. Provides insight on the severity of the condition. Love the descriptions too
clumsymind9 clumsymind9 Jun 08, 2016
I started reading it and I suport you in your awareness campaign.