.::The Memory Of HER::.::Fem! Dipper X Bill Cipher::.

.::The Memory Of HER::.::Fem! Dipper X Bill Cipher::.

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Sky By Minna_Mox Updated Feb 18

He could never leave her behind, so he kept her with him. This is the story of a Courageous Demon & a Mysterious girl........

His girl......

His Pinetree.......

His Memory Of Her.......

Number-86 Number-86 Apr 16, 2016
Ya of course he followed her on whattpad everyone is on there
Empkesar000 Empkesar000 Sep 24, 2016
Dipper you're so pretty even if you are  a tomboy so stop being self conscious about yourself it will be the death of you.☹😕
I use tumble, Instagram, ifunny and wattpad.... I lonely... Yak should totally follow me on these things.
                              (Jk. Idk why I put this)
Adrianacardenas860 Adrianacardenas860 Jul 27, 2016
Hell yea wattpad is the most awesome place to read and to go make storys