.::The Memory Of HER::.::Fem! Dipper X Bill Cipher::.

.::The Memory Of HER::.::Fem! Dipper X Bill Cipher::.

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He could never leave her behind, so he kept her with him. This is the story of a Courageous Demon & a Mysterious girl........

His girl......

His Pinetree.......

His Memory Of Her.......

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simply-strawberry simply-strawberry Mar 24, 2017
Nominasky Nominasky Feb 05
How old are all of them how old is dipper and Mabel and how old is bill well at least how old is he look like
Up until 7th grade, I was the outcast of my grade
                              Then 7-8th grade rolled through and was only considered as the outcasts of outcasts but somehow still a part of the outcast group
spinnerofstories0314 spinnerofstories0314 Jul 22, 2017
Did you get paid for the wattpad thing? Cause I would've paid you
ShipIt4Ever ShipIt4Ever Apr 10
How are we going to fix that wall?😣 it’s not like we can call a repair man
That’s my reaction if I would ever be told that (though nobody would ever tell me this)