Rejected With Babies

Rejected With Babies

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#get a life By jUsT_cOuRtNaE Updated 2 days ago

"Come on Syl," Alyssa said holding onto my shoulder. "What's wrong?" She asked. Thats when I snapped, I can't take it anymore.

I broke down in tears,"What did I do? Is it something I said?" she asked.

"No," I sniffled. "Its just that it has been a long two month. I found my mate..." she cut me off with a squeal.

"Really?" I nodded.

"Yeah but he rejected me," she frowned. "After we had sex he just rejected me," tears streamed down my face like water calls.

"Awe, poor Sylvie." she said rubbing my back and hugging me.

"That's not the worse part. Turns out am two months pregnant."

"No wonder you've been acting like a PMSing bitch lately," I glared at her making her shut up.

Slush-ie Slush-ie 2 days ago
Oh well I thought he rejected you cause he's a prick but I would dump anyone that cheated on me.
sareena_15 sareena_15 Aug 06, 2016
Thanks for calling me pretty b can't reply on dm cause wattpaddddd being a hoe but hmm might check your book looks good ☺️
ninjababy867 ninjababy867 Sep 05, 2016
Lol my mom
                              Had me at 33 If I was in that situation I would officially the worlds youngest mother
ReneeMerino ReneeMerino Aug 16, 2016
The metaphor is bun in the oven😂 And use ownership for clarification
dead_inside_3 dead_inside_3 Jul 12, 2016
It's okay honey!! If he tries anything I will kill him *sickly sweet smile*
I reread it, this chapter is literally so confusing, please reply, I need... clarification please.