In His Possession

In His Possession

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When Virgo is left to care for his sister at the age of five, he is faced by hate, betrayal and man he now has to call his father.

With his real father brutally murdered and his mother probably dead, Virgo is left in the care of Overseer Daniels. He is faced by his own pack members threatens him and his sister.

But he gets a taste of love when he meets a human, Cleome, a girl who faces her own problems. One look at her and he knows that he wants her, want to own her as his and only his. He wants to possess her. 

But he doesn't trust her. 

Cleome grew up without a mother and a shell of a father, a man who doesn't know how to connect with his daughter who resembles his first love very much. With men falling at her feet without her knowledge, she falls for the hated Lycan trying to convince him she is different from the others.

But is she really?


"Do you know about mates?" Luna asked Cleome, a glass of red wine seated between her fingers. She sat down on the plush, deluxe sofa then turned her gaze to her.

Cleome nodded soundless but nonetheless, she continued.

"Firstly, males wolves gets lured in by the females scent. He finds her to the loveliest yet most beautiful of all, no matter how ugly she maybe," she eyed her with disdainful eyes before taking a sip of her wine.

"Then he gets sexually attracted to. Wanting her close, wanting to smell her scent. Needing her touch." She sipped her wine once again, "then she receives her first mark, the one on her inner thigh."

Cleome instantly stilled, her face going pale.

"Then there is the binding."

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