Three Words

Three Words

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Three words can change everything.  Who knew that three words in the right combination could bring such joy, and yet such sorrow when combined differently.  

This is a story of Tris and Tobias if they had met outside of Divergent.  

Characters belong to Veronica Roth.

lilwrriter lilwrriter Oct 09, 2016
I was like really sad but then was okay when it wasn't Tobias who died im such a terrible person omh
Emsterak Emsterak Dec 28, 2016
Holy plot twist! It's not easy to make my chin drop in surprise.
evelin_alecu evelin_alecu 6 days ago
Man, I was thinking about Tobias this whole time, wtf?! U played with my mind and I love you for that!!!
ShadowhunterDiverge ShadowhunterDiverge Dec 15, 2016
I thought it was Tobias?????  I am so confused and laughing like a nut job.
sassytobias sassytobias Oct 26, 2016
I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. Oh god.
CaidenWanstall CaidenWanstall 8 hours ago
@Bender12345 when I started to read this I was confused
                              But now I'm reading it for the third time because it is absolutely amazing
                              This is absolutely beautifully written