Saved By A Group Of Bad Boys...

Saved By A Group Of Bad Boys...

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Broken_Grounds By Broken_Grounds_ Updated 5 days ago

All she wanted to do was be happy. And that's exactly what she got...

Meet Melanie Rose. She's broken. Her mom died when she was seven, and her dad beats her to shreds without a care in the world. You can't say school is a living hell. After all no one talks to her. And she doesn't bother to talk to them. She doesn't want anyone getting close to her  because she'll just hurt them anyway when she has to leave......

Meet the bad boys.....Blake, Bryan, Chase, and Ryder. They're the new students and they scare everybody. Except when they meet Melanie Rose (Melanie). They see something no one else see's in her. She needs to be loved. 

Melanie has never been happy......until she meets a group of bad boys determined to change that.

- - Jul 30
roman719k roman719k Nov 05
Who's Blake? I don't care about the story, right now I care about who Blake is!!!
josiecanfield16 josiecanfield16 4 days ago
its good. although i kinda liked it better before. i wish u didnt change it.
sexy1345 sexy1345 Oct 30
I like it its like a introduction paragraph  when you write an essay short but intresting
Bob, Jeff, joshler, Luna, Leena, Lucy, Macy, Quinn, sawyer, graham
First word and I'm already depressed. Great job.
                              Serious tho that is a good way to grab attention.