Blue Roses || Tronnor

Blue Roses || Tronnor

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Mack By luminescence2 Completed

"You don't want to love me," Troye whispers, our foreheads pressed together in the dark. 

"Why do you keep saying that?" I reply, my hands grasping his tighter. His eyes flutter shut, his breath hitting my face, the smell of minty roses enveloping me. 

"Because, Connor, I'm like a fire," he explains, his voice gentle, tender. "You were frozen with fear when you met me, and you were attracted to me, to my fire. But now, now I'm burning you. Don't let me burn you,"

Troye is a mysterious boy. Connor is a boy who is attracted to mysteries. 

AU Tronnor. Angst. Fluff. Eventual smut. A 3-Part Saga. Completed. Sequel info last chapter.

Bringmethetronnor Bringmethetronnor Dec 02, 2016
im still recovering from cautious ambivalence should i read this
FromAcrossTheWorld FromAcrossTheWorld Jul 29, 2016
This is such good writing, I'm in shock. Please keep this up, it's perfect... 💙💙💙
nutellatronnor nutellatronnor Mar 29, 2016
This is so great! Also my boyfriend used to call me Blue Rose and one day he gave me 3 blue roses, they grew in ink hence the color and they are so. Fricking. Beautiful!
thebeannamedben thebeannamedben Mar 27, 2016
Youre so good at describing stuff, give me lessons please 🙏
TwentyOneJishwas21 TwentyOneJishwas21 Sep 18, 2016
Right when i read "we could just choose one of my songs" happy little pill came on pandora and I'm thanking internet gods right now
SupBee SupBee Jun 14, 2016
Im reading this again because apparently im a masochist and enjoy pain