Red faced bad boy {OHSHC}

Red faced bad boy {OHSHC}

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Grellthecheshirecat By Grellthecheshirecat Completed

Ryoma Ikihara is considered a bad boy to most people outside of the host club.

But that's not him.

He's a adorable little gay otaku who gets in lots of love triangles...squares..octogans..IDK

Also if you like Dgrayman read my other story, Double Trouble :P

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- - Aug 17, 2017
"Just because you are bad guy, does not necessarily mean you are bad guy."
XxWhiteNekoxX XxWhiteNekoxX Mar 12, 2017
Oh no... THEIR HOT!!! 
                              I just imagined Squidward saying that XD
Alex-Chan69 Alex-Chan69 Jul 17, 2017
We know trust me *points to the blood from nose bleeds* we know😊😊😊
ThEFoRgOtTeNaSsAsSiN ThEFoRgOtTeNaSsAsSiN Aug 06, 2017
My god...
                              AERON IS SCREAMING...
                              HITOMI IS HYPERVENTILATING...
                              I'M SQUEALING...
                              H É Ł P MË
tM0922 tM0922 Jun 14, 2017
If someone was like that, I'd be looking at the motorcycle and stuff
Seungcheols_girl Seungcheols_girl Mar 31, 2017
My whole life. I wear black all the time and I'm tall. 5'10 to be exact