Red faced bad boy {OHSHC}

Red faced bad boy {OHSHC}

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Grellthecheshirecat By Grellthecheshirecat Completed

Ryoma Ikihara is considered a bad boy to most people outside of the host club.

But that's not him.

He's a adorable little gay otaku who gets in lots of love triangles...squares..octogans..IDK

Also if you like Dgrayman read my other story, Double Trouble :P

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- - Aug 17, 2017
"Just because you are bad guy, does not necessarily mean you are bad guy."
Alex-Oppa Alex-Oppa Jul 17, 2017
We know trust me *points to the blood from nose bleeds* we know😊😊😊
ThEFoRgOtTeNaSsAsSiN ThEFoRgOtTeNaSsAsSiN Aug 06, 2017
My god...
                              AERON IS SCREAMING...
                              HITOMI IS HYPERVENTILATING...
                              I'M SQUEALING...
                              H É Ł P MË
Sorry I just like to correct people I'm not trying to be mean
tM0922 tM0922 Jun 14, 2017
If someone was like that, I'd be looking at the motorcycle and stuff
mintchocoships mintchocoships Dec 11, 2017
I said the same thing to my teacher but I didn't actually mean for her to hear it, so she started hysterically laughing and she said she loved that show????????????