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Broken Inside (Slender Proxies X Male!Reader)

Broken Inside (Slender Proxies X Male!Reader)

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This is my first fan fiction story... Plus it's sort of a creepypasta one so... I might not be that good...WARNING abuse, gore, cursing/swearing, violence, bullying, embarrassing moments, some drug use, dark topics, and Yaoi(boyxboy). If you don't like then you probably shouldn't read... There might be mostly some comedy... Not all of it will be depressing (probably a lot of humor... But I don't know yet...)...some chapters will probably be off topic or just cause I'm Bored...maybe...But just to let you all know many people say I am very indecisive so WARNING! UPDATES MAY BE SLOW!! So will you please not comment 'update please!' a lot? I will update when I can!

at least Slender was nice enough for me to join his death gang X3 dont take that the wrong way
…Bipolar ✔️ insomnia (here and there)  split personas (again here and there) But wtf IM A BIPOLAR PERSON FOR SOME REASON?!? WHY! ;-; Waa…
....... Ah accidentally becoming an insomniac. ... that's my life
ChoveryChan ChoveryChan May 16, 2016
Wow I wish I had a closet full of anime cd (full episodes and season) ≧﹏≦
alucard_no_life_king alucard_no_life_king Mar 10, 2016
Can't wait for the next update!!! Wait...first story O.o!!! Wow this is great even if it's the first chapter!!!
The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Aug 05, 2016
if day call meh "DIFFERENT" ten I'm gonna say, "Yas! I AM DIFFERENT!! Because at least I'm more nice than chu are!" (>∆<)~💢