Broken Inside [On Haitus] (Slender Proxies X Male!Reader)

Broken Inside [On Haitus] (Slender Proxies X Male!Reader)

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This is my first fan fiction story... Plus, it's of creepypasta so... I might not be that good...

Mentions of abuse, gore, cursing/swearing, violence, and of bullying.
Possible embarrassing moments, drug use, and dark topics.
Definitely some Yaoi(boyxboy). 
If you don't like, then why did you even click on this story? -_-

There might be some comedy... Not all of it will be depressing (Probably a lot of humor... But, I don't know yet...) Some chapters will probably be off topic or just cause I'm Bored... Maybe... But just to let you all know many people say I am very indecisive so...

UPDATES MAY BE SLOW!! So will you please not comment 'update please!'? I will update when I can!

Docsajan Docsajan Jul 10
I like it cause I was abused when I was a child or happen when I was seven I was whipped and there was blood EVERYWHERE. I'm so glad others can feel my pain
…Bipolar ✔️ insomnia (here and there)  split personas (again here and there) But wtf IM A BIPOLAR PERSON FOR SOME REASON?!? WHY! ;-; Waa…
connietimmy connietimmy Jun 09
Anxiety and Aytisam sucks and I have it both I know how it feels ;(
True, BUTTT they are like nails taken out of a fence, they will always stay there even though it's healed
I know ho you feel, but my mind is innocent be aide of my medicine.
Chald don't worry.
                              I've been called all of those names and even more.
                              But I don't care.
                              They are words, and we can all see through them like glass.
                              And those who don't think about what is said, 
                              See through it like a fog.