Instinctive Possession

Instinctive Possession

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Into The Fire Of Rain Society By Rebel_Queen_ Updated 15 hours ago

Kyranna. A mix of Fae, siren, shifter, and a true mystery to the paranormal world. Having lived three hundred cursed years, she attempts to live again when she is reborn after the curse is lifted. Being reborn doesn't mean she was born into a good life, but Kyranna is determined to live her life all the same. At the age of twenty, she is happily on her own, but paradise is destroyed when she is kidnapped for an unknown reason. When she is rescued by an unlikely hero, Kyranna is more than intrigued by the beautiful creature named Shaden.

     Shaden. A name that strikes fear into many. A hybrid creature, a man who has killed countless others. Being vampire and angel, neither side cared to protect him, so the boy, now dangerous man, had to protect himself. Centuries pass, but Shaden's loneliness stays the only constant companion. When an old friend appears asking for help, Shaden can only agree to help the person he owes much to. When he finds the person his old friend is looking for, Shaden quickly realizes he found much more than just his friend's sister. 

     Their connection is instant, instinctive. Can Shaden and Kyranna accept their bond and maybe even... love? Whatever choices they decide to make, they must make quick, for their enemies have nefarious intentions and wicked plans that no one could have ever predicted.

     Read more to journey on with Shaden and Kyranna as they try to survive enemies and the link they share. 

     Fact: This is going to be one hell of a ride.


6'9 and your drinkin a bourbon- would have took him for a stout kind if guy.
*looks over at shoulder*
                              *looks back at him*
                              The' freaking rice crispies was that for?
He's covering her in his blood...thats so...............sweet.
Midna000 Midna000 Jul 31
Shaden is the guy and Kyra the girl. I was confused but i finallly get it
Good grief though... she's probably so short she  probably doesn't even go to his chest lol 😅
maktmnt05 maktmnt05 Oct 11
I think I've read this story like five times and it's not even done😂 maybe that's why I read it so many times it's relatively quick except the really long chapter which I love