Solangelo fluff :)

Solangelo fluff :)

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Adrian By phanperson2232 Updated Jul 14, 2017

Hi. Okay, here's the deal. I started this when I wasn't that good at writing, so the first few stories are pretty crap (but people seem to like them so I don't complain too much). I can assure you, they do get better. Also, I know this says it's fluff, but sometimes it isn't and I'm in to deep to change the title to just 'Solangelo oneshots' so yeah. 

I do not own any of the characters

Edit: I'm no longer writing for these stories because I no longer have the same passion or love for this ship as I used to.  I'm not deleting this, as it is my first book on Wattpad, but please note that this'll probably be full of awkward unedited stories.

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LEWilde LEWilde May 09
I just accidentally read the first few chapters of a straight Nico Di Angelo fanfiction and came to this one to cleanse my mind.
Thanks for that I'm going through a family crisis at the moment and have been crying a lot and that made me happy.
FanFicRulez FanFicRulez May 04
I could just see Jason and Percy coming down the chimney with the karaoke machine singing or screaming "CHIM CHIMENY CHIM CHIMENY CHIM CHIM CHEERE
The-weird-Sammy The-weird-Sammy Nov 01, 2017
It's 12:39am and I can't stop laughing and my mom yelled to shut up and it was a school night xD
frankiedamiano0609 frankiedamiano0609 Oct 25, 2017
im at school and im supposed to be quiet and i just burst out laughing lolololol
RES321 RES321 May 11
percy, when someone says that your not their type- YOUR NOT THEIR FREAKING TYPE AND YOU NEED TO LET IT GO