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Alone (A Zanemau Fanfic)

Alone (A Zanemau Fanfic)

25.6K Reads 975 Votes 16 Part Story
XxLydiaSenpaixX By XxLydiaSenpaixX Completed

Aphmau always knew Zane wasn't born with a black heart.He isn't just a villain...Aphmau knows he is misunderstood, his soul is good, but not everyone can see it yet. (If you enjoy the story please vote. We're almost at 1k votes)

Ravenclaw66666 Ravenclaw66666 Dec 10, 2016
THERE IS A MISTAKE ZANE IS THE MIDDLE CHILD......... sorry i have a slight problem with correcting people
Aishomoriko Aishomoriko Sep 10, 2016
Such a dramatic thing for such a plain thing i mean i love the story but i don't know it just doesn't fit well. Like you made it up on the spot
MinMin-LanLamb MinMin-LanLamb Nov 13, 2016
*sniff*... Ponies, are ur only friends in this messed up universe... U cruel lil' bish
DemonCypheringLord_ DemonCypheringLord_ Dec 20, 2016
I'm the middle child out of four, three girls and one boy. 
                                It goes: Older sis, Me, Little brother, and Little sister. 
                              I'm expected to be like my older sis, my little sis is spoiled, and, well, my brother is the only boy.... And I live in the basement... I hate meh lyf -_-
AnimeLover7889 AnimeLover7889 Nov 18, 2016
I'm the oldest so pls don't scream at me but I have a little bro and I'm a girl so my bro doesn't get my stuff 😐
LoveBug7629 LoveBug7629 Dec 27, 2016
How dare she say that. I will personally make sure that discord
                              Turn her into an orange