The Demon Ninja

The Demon Ninja

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Red-chan~! By Red-sensei Updated Jan 06

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It was like any normal day at the academy. Naruto was being scolded by Iruka, the girls were fangirling over Sasuke, and the others just did their thing. At least, that was until they all heard a knock at the classroom door. When Iruka opened it, he saw a younger girl looking back at him. Who is she, and why is she there? Read on and find out! 

(Warning! Contains: Swearing and Possibly Sexual Content!)

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Animegirl_1010 Animegirl_1010 Aug 11, 2017
The thing is that i know most of these songs and I love them
TheQueenOfFoxes TheQueenOfFoxes Jun 11, 2017
Well (Y/N) IS A BADASS! 
                              Ps. Im going to change wolf to fox because I love foxes.
MiskitLMisfit MiskitLMisfit Apr 27, 2017
SHE'S AS FREAKY AS ME AND HYSTERIA!!!!! Oh wait, this is the reader...
Nighthawk2015 Nighthawk2015 May 19, 2017
Oh my god. She's just like my older sister, Shadowstriker, just without the demon/angel forms. O.O
MeAndGaara MeAndGaara May 21, 2017
She's like me except I have a dragon form to becase it skips a ginaration my mom was a angel my dad was demen and my granny was a dregon of the elimints.🐉🐲. ........ #i like unicorns 🦄
Zhayene Zhayene Aug 27, 2017
I thought "Jackal the wolf" was gonna say Jackass 😂😂😂