A Love Worth Billions

A Love Worth Billions

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ღ p r i n c e s s ღ By lovelyness- Completed

Rosalina Vega, a model, a rich heiress and daughter to a billionaire, she has the looks, the brains and the men falling at her feet, with all but one glance.

Mateo Gerardo, a billionaire, son to a line of wealthy men, he has the looks of a Greek God and has girls literally throwing themselves at him.

For Mateo it was love at first sight, but is he willing to give up his player ways or will he settle for the one woman who stands out like no other. Will Rosalina fall for the man who  in her opinion is the most egoistical, possessive and big headed man she's ever met. 

Because after all this is A love worth billions.

Cannykid Cannykid Aug 16, 2016
What a loser.. If he didn't answer, it would've made him look better
Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Apr 25, 2016
I really want to know what would happen next , I love the fact that Selena Gomez is the character 
                              Yaassss!!! You should definitely continue this story!!! 
                              !!! 😘😘😘😍😍😍
                              I want to know what the guy looks like
tiger8715 tiger8715 2 days ago
1 BILLION DOLLARS WTF ????!!!!!!!!!!
                              DAMN HOW RICH ARE U
lilac_sadness lilac_sadness Apr 26, 2016
This is so amazayn (sorry I had to lol). I love it already, don't stop writing it. I love the cover and I love that my queen is in the book. I'm just gonna imagine Mateo as Zayn lol. Anyways, I love it so much and it didn't even start properly.
ElasticHeart1989 ElasticHeart1989 Jul 22, 2016
First, I was here for Nick Bateman, and now I'm glad I found this book :) And Selena as the female lead? It's amazing, coincidently, I've been thinking about them both together for a while now, before even finding this book. They both would look really well together in real life too ❤️
Cannykid Cannykid Aug 16, 2016
May I just point out that all models are stick thin, flat chested boney girls.. Only beauty they have are height and endless legs. Some lucky ones could have a pretty face.