Coconut X Male! Wolf! Reader

Coconut X Male! Wolf! Reader

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Le Spud Writer By ToxicFanfictions Updated Nov 09

Ever wanted to romance Coconut from Nekopara? Well, you're (probably) in the right place! Come on down and read this fanfic of exactly that!

PS: Nekopara does not belong to me, as well as the artwork used. The plot and and my OCs are the only things I own.

PPS: We are not responsible for any cringe caused by this story and description.

When i saw "call me oni-chann too" I dropped dead of embarrassment and kawiiness.
Welp the fourth has been obliterated and we're not half way through the first chapter
-Lxlou- -Lxlou- Nov 09
in dreamland I would have said:
                              "you can have that.... or... me?" 
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) XDDDDDDD I'M SORRY I HAD TO XDDDD *cwl*
Oh my god I'm terrible at smooth moves in real life as in FanFiction
                              *Insert Face-palm meme*
whenever i see Healing Factor, Regen Factor, Self heal and fourt wall always reminds meh of dead pool! LOL!
ZephyBlood ZephyBlood Nov 04
I'm not a neko-oligist but I'm 99.999999 Recorring % that nekos are part cat, cat is cute, girl is cute, Girl+Cat=CUTE METER OFF THE CHARTS