dolan twins imagines

dolan twins imagines

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— ash By sarcasticwerewolf Updated Aug 13

stories to fuel our delusional teenage minds ↠

cover by: alphadolan 


oxygenskid oxygenskid Apr 02
this could be a book, and i will pay for it because is so good
And I'm not that good 😂😂 actually I'm not good at all 😂😂
cheskaabrahan cheskaabrahan Oct 15, 2016
To be honest, you're a really good writer. The way you evoke the emotions of the characters is vivid. And at times, you use deep words that we soon find the meaning of because ofcontext clues and how good you are as a writer.
argent-cade argent-cade Oct 04, 2016
i get ticklish before someone even starts to tickle me. seeing there finger about to touch me makes me ticklish what's wrong with me lmao
SugaInsfiresme SugaInsfiresme Nov 08, 2016
If stick people are a talent , then I guess I'm a pro where do I sign
-WhiteGurl -WhiteGurl May 09, 2016
My life with my friends. Yea my friends, now you probably think I'm a loner, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I'm just a girl that sits by myself without a boy. Everyday.
                              Since I met Ethan and started to fück him.☺️