The Phoenix's Sunset

The Phoenix's Sunset

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Grace 🏖️ By ThePhoenixintheSnow Updated Jun 24

I didn't want to be a princess. I was born one, and not every princess is a goody two-shoes. 

Hi, I'm Y/N. A runaway princess. I try to never stay in one place for more then an hour, I usually camp in the woods. The one time I didn't, let's just say it turned into a disaster.
Here's a warning, my X Readers DON'T just focus on you and, in this case, Levin, making out. I focus on relationships with friends, family, enemies, love interests, and more. My X Readers tend to focus on how love is something special and takes TIME to occur. It focus on how friends can hate the choices you make and can backstab you. I guess what I'm saying is my X Readers aren't fairy tales, they're real life.

I own the Characters Grace, Matt, and Phoenix. Y/N is your OC and the rest of the characters belong to @Empress_Aphmau

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no, seriously my brain just thought of that and I can't think of anything else besides MLP so haha
RubyNote16 RubyNote16 Apr 24, 2016
That was such a pritty song cant wait for the next chapter!!! :D
LilyLovesNature LilyLovesNature Dec 07, 2016
Luna is a black cat with violet eyes with gold and blue shimmer