The Cafe Of Dreams ||iwaoi||bokuaka||daisuga||kuroken||

The Cafe Of Dreams ||iwaoi||bokuaka||daisuga||kuroken||

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Hatari/하타리 By hqheaven Completed

Somewhere in Tokyo, hiding in a small alley, exists a cafe.
A cafe that is known for it's warm and quiet atmosphere.... And  waiters.

At late evening things took a sudden turn then four bestfriends got lost in their own city. Upon seeing the light in the end of a alley they all rushed there.

However, the moment they stepped inside, they got tangled into a spiderweb full of drama and surprises.

This is a boyxboy fanfiction, including such pairings as IwaOi, BokuAka, DaiSuga and KuroKen (there are other ships too)
The characters used in this fanfiction do not belong to me, all the credit goes to Haruichi Furudate (I wish)
Includes fluff, smut and other stuff (swearing, self-harm, anorexia, aliens).

  • bokuaka
  • daisuga
  • haikyuu
  • iwaoi
  • kuroken
  • yaoi
hqheaven hqheaven 4 days ago
A/N this is a message for whoever is gonna read this or re-read this after me.
                              Please take note that this is my first fanfiction and I absolutely rushed it. It's fast-paced
hqheaven hqheaven 4 days ago
Next time I write a BokuAka fic I'm not writing "pale skin" my boi is tanned af
hqheaven hqheaven 4 days ago
Oh wow by buildings???? There's buildings in Tokyo??? News to me
Rabbirds Rabbirds 6 days ago
I read “ drinking their cakes “ lmao I think I need glasses
It’s the captain and seme squad!!!!
                              Wait Oikawa is a uke but whatever