Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark

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B By ImmaNarwhal_nbd Updated Nov 27, 2017

And try as she might, she could never escape her past. She could never escape herself. 
What if you vowed to change yourself, become someone different from who you once were? You'd never want anyone to find out about who you used to be, what your past was like.  And that was Raven Dark's goal. Make a name for herself, whether it be in infamy or not. She would change herself, mask herself from the world.

But when running into someone she was always destined to meet, her facade is slowly crumbling. She's determined - head strong, to make sure no one knows of her past, and who she once was. However, just one person may be able to break through and see what she was, but will he accept her once he finds out?

(Formerly known as "The Famous Rogue vs. The Possessive Alpha)

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elsevkatuuo elsevkatuuo May 24, 2016
I just started reading this book. N I like so far. If u have stopped writing pls let me know so I can stop reading.
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Jul 23, 2016
Im crying😭😭😭😭 just imagine het breast bouncing 🙂
TheOwlandTrident TheOwlandTrident Dec 03, 2016
Ok... no idea about the comments above
                              I'm starting to like Raven already
- - Dec 12, 2014
I feel like that would hurt, I mean it already hurts to run even when your wearing a bra
if I was her:Sorry mister but I prefer the solo life*rips his shirt off and gallop's butt naked in to the sunset*