Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark

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B By ImmaNarwhal_nbd Updated Jun 25, 2016

"We're taking you to the Alpha." The words all rogues hate. Especially for Raven "The Slip" Dark. A petite rogue with a huge reputation; known for easily slipping out of pack territory, sneaking through packs like it was no big deal.  She finds that once she enters Oakwood Forest pack, there's no turning back.

 As Raven is captured, she's taken to meet Alpha Tyler, and boy was she in for a definite surprise when she discovered one tiny little detail. He is her mate.  Alpha Tyler is reluctant to accept his new mate. He's cold, cruel. and possessive. 

However Raven doesn't seem to want him either. Tyler discovers there is a reason as to why Raven is the way she is, and is more than determined to figure out why she's so closed off, and how dark her past really is.   Throw in jealous Beta's, vengeful packs, creepy old men, a dark history, a defiant young girl, and a possessive Alpha, what do you get?

(Formerly known as "The Famous Rogue vs. The Possessive Alpha)

elsevkatuuo elsevkatuuo May 24, 2016
I just started reading this book. N I like so far. If u have stopped writing pls let me know so I can stop reading.
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Jul 23, 2016
Im crying😭😭😭😭 just imagine het breast bouncing 🙂
TheOwlandTrident TheOwlandTrident Dec 03, 2016
Ok... no idea about the comments above
                              I'm starting to like Raven already
PeddlerPeter PeddlerPeter Dec 12, 2014
I feel like that would hurt, I mean it already hurts to run even when your wearing a bra
if I was her:Sorry mister but I prefer the solo life*rips his shirt off and gallop's butt naked in to the sunset*