The Bad Boy Is Possessive

The Bad Boy Is Possessive

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If you stumbled upon this story, you should turn around and leave it. I'm serious, this story is horrible! It has so many grammar errors, plot holes and everything is just.. not good!! I'm warning you, don't read it because it is bad. 

But if you're still willing to read it, than I can't say anything except I hope you know what you're doing.

Because honestly, this story is old and horrible. 

Your choice.


"Don't talk. quiet." he whisper quietly. I nodded and stayed silent. 

His hand moved to the back of my neck and I was already smiling inside.

He moved his hand again,resting it on my jaw. His thumb brushed my chin before slowly parting my lips apart.

"Mine." he growled,his eyes turning dark. I just stood there in shock,looking him moving closer.


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Em4hawk111 Em4hawk111 Apr 13
William Turner. I got about half way through this and had to go back because I just realized it😂
I'm a wild cat too😂 I hate it tho becuase whenever we have an assembly they always play hsm songs😖😝
GleekerZ GleekerZ Aug 02
I love how you warned us not to read this book in the description. Haha it made me laugh idky
What the hell kind of friendship is that? My friends call me fatass if I just want water they don't even buy me lunch 😂😂😂
ColdQueen99 ColdQueen99 May 07
im a little bit confused of what is really happening :3 is it william is isabella's girlfriend or they are Friends with benefits ? hmm !
karenyanezzz karenyanezzz Dec 11, 2016
My schools rival school's mascot is wildcats. We call the most popular guy and girl their Troy and Gabriela 😂