Stray~  Mihawk X Reader

Stray~ Mihawk X Reader

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     Water and mud made your pelt clump and look filthy. The rain was pouring down hard. Shelter was available around you, but today you wanted to stand in it. How odd you must look. A cat standing in the rain. You raise your eyes to the dark gray sky. You were human. You had eaten the neko neko fruit. You preferred being a cat, living comfortably without worrying. Your master was just killed so you were currently searching for a new one. You close your eyes briefly mourning the loss. 

     The rain suddenly stopped falling on you but you could still hear it pouring around you. Curious you open your eyes to find a man standing over you. His eyes were like gold pools as they gaze down at you curiously. 

     "Odd, you don't seem ill," He commented in a husky voice. "Yet you stand in the rain unphased." You blink up at him in awe. He was an attractive man, you would be a fool to think otherwise. "Are you without home?" He asks.

    You give a meow in response. "Would you like to come ...