The Dare

The Dare

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Being the best friend of a player is hard. The constant flirting. The constant pick up lines. It gets annoying. 

Libby Alanis and Luke Hunt have been best friends for years, they've been through every argument, every family problem together and have stuck by each other ever since.

But what happens when they are dared to date for three months?

Will feelings start to develop?

Warning: There is a lot of swearing.

[Started 29th March - Completed]

#31 in Teen Fiction (Highest I've ever been ly guys)

I actually just started watching Teen Wolf and I freaking love it! Now I'm at season 3 ep 12😂😆
Nayabia Nayabia May 23
I have an unhealthy obsession with Cookie and Creme Kit Kats. It's okay. I get u girl
JayBaby11s JayBaby11s Apr 30
I've never eaten an Oreo....maybe because they're really expensive in my country😯
I'm a Stiles and Derek and Theo and Liam and Isaac and Colton and Nolan kind of girl
Well, maybe she should just give him a punch right in the face. That means she won't have to go to one of the stupid anger management sessions anymore.