Best "Friends" Forever (Frisk X Chara)

Best "Friends" Forever (Frisk X Chara)

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IWantToRead101 By IWantToRead101 Updated Sep 20, 2016

Frisk finally got  the ending they've always wanted, a happy ending. But it's so strange . . . . It doesn't feel the same anymore . . . Is it because They've  done it a thousand times already? Perhaps They wanted something new? That was the moment when they remembered a certain someone They had to save . . . . . . "Chara".

(This is my first fanfic so grammar and storytelling might be bad)

[I dont  really know or understand the personalities of the characters, so the way the monsters and characters act may be a bit inaccurate.]

-Frisk and Chara are both 14 with Chara being the oldest by a week.
-Frisk and Chara are ambiguous gender (i guess you can decide what gender you want for them).

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Aristole_Astroid Aristole_Astroid Aug 11, 2016
Note to self: When going Genocide GET CHOCOLATE AT ALL COST!
                              Kill Jerry
X-Ciel_Phantomhive-X X-Ciel_Phantomhive-X Apr 04, 2016
How did we fans ever even figure out that chara liked chocolate?!?!?
dragonmaster1569 dragonmaster1569 May 12, 2016
Chocolate...... Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
charisk_shipper charisk_shipper Dec 15, 2016
This is amazing I cant wait to keep reading the rest I can just feel the fangirl inside me screaming at myself to read more XD
kurturlor kurturlor Apr 23, 2016
there is only one way to make chara not wanting to kill you use the CHOCOLATE! XD
Topeaa Topeaa Oct 01, 2016
Chara has a soft side for Chocolate! Better go show it to her Frisk or she'll kill us all!