Save You Tonight

Save You Tonight

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Kasha By 1DaddictedXOX Completed

"I'm scared Harry!" I shout, finding some courage to voice my concerns. 

"Why? Tell me what scares you Maci and we can work through it, together," Harry asked, concern written all over his face as he watches me from where he stands in the kitchen. 

"It's like this is all too good to be true.  You will change like the rest of them. They are all nice at first and then they change. They are nice to lure you in but once you're hooked, that's when their true colors come out. I've seen it a hundred times with my mother. I've gone through it with Kaleb. It will happen with you." My voice grew weaker as I neared the end of my rambling. My lip trembled as I looked down at my bare feet, avoiding Harry's intense stare. 

"Maci, look at me," Harry urges, "I'm not like Kaleb or any of those guys. I'm not trying to trick you.  I'm... I'm falling for you." 

This is a work of fiction, base solely on my own crazy thoughts. Any resemblance is purely coincidence. Please done steal or copy this!

ethebratt ethebratt Dec 18, 2016
bîtch lay a hand on me I swear to god you are going to get your ass beat
princesstikii princesstikii Apr 17, 2016
It will be the first thing I'll try to do when I have time in my life!!! :(
hrrybby hrrybby Feb 03
you never know people's true self unless you've known/been with them for at least two years, that's what i think
mygingerED mygingerED Dec 10, 2016
I don't understand why a guy would stay with a girl he hates.
mygingerED mygingerED Dec 10, 2016
Let me apologize in advance for any of my angry comments😂
- - Apr 25, 2016
@SummerArcadiaRose Harry is incredible and this is another good read