He's Beautiful {COMPLETED}

He's Beautiful {COMPLETED}

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Go Mirae, A daughter of a Principle of 'Bangtan School',the school that only can be attended by boys.

When Mirae was 4 years old, Her dad, Mr.Go and his best friend Mr.Park had built a school and they put a lot of effort in it.Their family were really close and no one can destroy their bond but, one day, something unexpected happened, leading both families to leave far away from each other.However,Mr park and Mr Go still meet up and they both handle the school together.

Few years passed,Mr Go passed away when Mirae was 17 years old, practically a teenager.Mr.Park took over the school by himself.Mrs Go felt somehow angry at Mr Park because he didn't give a shit about her family which is now just left her and her daughter,Go Mirae.

To take her revenge over Mr Park family,Go Mirae was coerced to study at 'Bangtan School'.Her name was changed from Go Mirae to Go Minjae in attempted to hide her identity.

So,what happen when she lives in the same dorm with boy? Will he find out the truth or will she be able to hide her identity till the end? And there's a boy named Kim taehyung suddenly appeared in her life.Will they end up fallin' in love?

Read it if you're desperated to know.


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Either he's gay and find you attractive as a boy or you failed tryinh to act a like boy😂
😲😲..pity her...it took so long to get such a long hair..
-nubshets -nubshets Mar 11, 2016
Aigoo....why did you think until this kind of condition he is?
VayasSHINee VayasSHINee Feb 26, 2017
Yah it's like the k drama "to the beautiful you" it's inspired isn't it? Well even if, i like it and i would love to read an inspire book from my best kdrama ever
cana9118 cana9118 Dec 21, 2016
Why dose this scene remind me if a kdrama that I have watched with that guy from shine minho?
pringMICKEYles pringMICKEYles Mar 11, 2016
Hahahah weyh new ff huh? Okay...the one that u told me before?