The Badass Moon Queen

The Badass Moon Queen

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Hazen Julianna Marco, a simple girl --actually, not a girly girl type since she prefers Rock stuff than makeups, with a huge addiction to ice cream haha-- moved to US to live with her aunt there.

And she's not complaining about it. Who was she to complain when she's already given the one thing in the world that everybody wants?


But everything turned upside down when she stepped foot in a forest. Which happened to be a pack's territory. At first, things were going well but as her stay there prolongs, things started to changed.

Starting with her own self.

She found out that she was hidden from the world she's destined to rule, as well as the reason behind it.

Now, her sudden appearance and existence as the Lost and Found successor of the late Supernatural Queen caught the enemy's attention, just adding up to her already full pile of problems.

Can she survive as the new Queen of the supernatural kingdom, especially when there are threats on her life from the rogues? Or will she take the offer of the Most powerful Alpha, who claims to be her mate, to help her defend the kingdom?

But she needs to give her heart to him in exchange. Which is very hard for her to do since she said he's not her mate.

Would she give it to him for the kingdom's protection, or would she deny it and take the risk of protecting them by her own?

Or maybe do something she knows she can, but she doesn't want to do it for she's still in denial and she doesn't want to admit it.

She's just the Badass Moon Queen after all. She can do anything. But it's all up to her. On whether she'll have the courage to take risks, or let the battle of her mind and heart dictate the path of the lives of everyone.


Sorry in advance for the errors! ✌

Former title: The Badass Luna. *changed due to having the same title with another werewolf story*

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