The Badass Luna

The Badass Luna

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Jansen Advincula By JansenAdvinculaXD Updated Feb 11

"You're not my mate." How many times do I have to tell him? I'm no one's mate!

"I am."



"No!" If he's trying to piss me off, he's doing a damn good job.



"Fuck you." I hate when it I curse. I'm bitchy but I'm an angel. Promise.

"Let me."

"What--" In an instant, he appeared in front of me and I felt the wall in my back. I'm going to continue what I'm going to say but he cut me off by placing his lips on mine.

When he brushed his lips against mine, I felt tingles and sparks. Great. Now I'm high though I don't use drugs.

His hands roamed my body in wrong places. But it felt so right. Ugh! Shut up hormones!

Suddenly, he broke our kiss then whispered, "Mine."

Then he continued kissing me passionately. Oh boy. It sent me into overdrive. So I kiss him back.

God. Is this the right time to say 'Goodbye Virginia' or not?

Fudge. I'll stop denying from now on. He's really my mate. I'm his.

And he's mine.


Sorry in advance for all the Errors! ✌

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