Show Me How To Love

Show Me How To Love

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" i can't  do it " she murmured while  closing  her eyes .

" Why ? " he demanded  while  pinning while  tightening  his hold .

" Because  i don't  love you  " she lied hoping  he would  believe  her.

" Well , that's the biggest  lie i have ever heard love" he snarled .

Nathan ,  CEO of a well known  infrastructure Company A hot , handsome, 26 year old bachelor but he had a secret which don't let him sleep in night, popularly known as Devil amongst his employees. 

Rashi, a 23 year old MBA graduate, fresh out of college ,  a hard worker , a friendly  girl  .joining her first job as a secretary  to Nathan. A firm believer of love.

Will Nathan ever let his guard fall & let rashi have a place in his heart or will he continue to be the devil he is known as.

Join them in their journey..

A special thanks to my friend @ Mywordsdefineme for such an amazing cover.

Hi, Im not a critic or an editor but would like to inform inform you on the usage of tense. Hope you don't mind
Anuu167 Anuu167 Jan 04
Hey i like it's really awsm... I read this type of stry American based but in yrs is indian nice job
vermadjvya743 vermadjvya743 Dec 29, 2016
Imposition  dude like really if u don't try something new how will others  do something new duh
DiptiToppo DiptiToppo Jan 10
👍👍great prologue this love story is goanna be interesting