The Sparkling Lake~ Attack On Titan⎜Riren (On Hold)

The Sparkling Lake~ Attack On Titan⎜Riren (On Hold)

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Moonlight_Cloud By Enchanting_Moonlight Updated Aug 08, 2016

Eren Jaeger has always been a city boy, he's never seen the ocean, he hasn't even seen a lake. He's seen them in photos, but never in person. He's never been out of the city.

He isn't the type of person to be in love with nature, if anything he's the exact opposite. He lives his life with video games that involve saving humanity, and rather stay in his bedroom and watch netflix all day.

His life of lounging around at home was soon changed when summer rolled by.

It all started when Eren's mother, Carla started to be concerned about Eren's lack in nature. Coming to a decision, she decides to send him to a summer camp called, Camp Rose, saying that he needs to get some fresh air.

When Eren arrives, he thought that he wouldn't be able to survive a day without wifi, and his beloved video games, but is soon proven wrong when he meets one of his bunk mates, Levi Ackerman.
Author's Note: There will be mature content in this story. 

Also just to let you guys know, this story will have other ships: Jean x Marco, Ymir x Krista, Isabel x Farlan, and Connie x Sasha.

All the images, characters, and videos in this story do not belong to me! 

Trigger Warning: There is underage drinking and also near rape in this story. 

None of the images/characters/songs in this story belong to me. 

Well that's it, I hope you enjoy the story. ♡

Dragon_mom Dragon_mom Feb 06
The front of the bus is where the quiet ones are. 
                              The middle are normal people.
                              The back of the bus is where the crazy and loud ones are.
                              Why go in the back....?
HadesParade5437 HadesParade5437 Dec 31, 2016
jfc my camp had like cabins with four twin beds and freaking cracked windows and spiders
MadisonZyx MadisonZyx Jan 08
Wtf they have 50 of these and my place is a pile of crap compared to this...
Wish more fanfics had levi taller but then I guess they won't be able to insult him much maybe call him Napoleon
                              Levi: hey eren wanna have a sleepover? You can come to my place, the couch may not pull out but I do *lenny face*
                              Eren: for fûcks sake Levi..
I just watched The Boy without screaming or twitching or jumping.