Silently Falling

Silently Falling

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V By prettyejara Updated Nov 20, 2010

Ash Rivers has never known life to be so complicated.

Two fallen angels are battling over her body and soul - heavenvs. hell.

Ash - beautiful, tempting, and popular, posesses a skill she keeps hidden from others.

Blake - Demon from hell. Causing sin wherever he goes, he spots Ash - the beautiful girl in English class. He knows what he wants from her. He is as tempting as anything. The bad, dangerus one.

Luke - Fallen angel. Sent on a mission to guard Ash, they fell in love. But before they can admit their feelings for eachother, Blake comes into play. Luke is just as tempting as Blake, but he has a good, pure sould.

If heaven and hell were fighting for your love, your body, and your soul, what would you choose? Who do you love?