[Book 1] Skype

[Book 1] Skype

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Felicia By Feliciacaughtme Completed

~_~_~ Book 1 Of The Skype Series~_~_~

Marinette arrived home from school at the normal time. She got changed, had a quick snack from the bakery and collapsed on her bed. She took out her phone and saw a notification.

Skype : TheUnderdog0303

Warning :: This might seem like it's going to be a very cute and innocent book but it isn't! It is going to be a very long, confusing and frustrating story so bare with me and don't forget to comment and like because it makes me happy :) and a happy writer-chan writes better than an unhappy writer-chan!!! Xxxx

Tikki and Plagg don't show up much in this story! I apologise for not including them but it was difficult to find places for them to speak... Xx


Lucille_16 Lucille_16 Feb 04
Sooo Marinette is the one with darker font while the other one is with the italics font ???
                              I wanna juice it and squeeze out it's insides if it's him
geekycom geekycom Jan 22
Is it weird that i am thinking of mystic messenger right now ??
Is it wrong I ship nathette after adrinette I said AFTER o no one can murder me
This totally goes against cartoon logic but how can you accidently text a message a send it? Makes no sense :-/
1kittyg1 1kittyg1 Sep 24, 2016
"OMIGOD DID U DIE!!!!!"   "no dude. chill. i was eating dinner..."