Baby Girl

Baby Girl

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babygirl. By tinky-winkystyles Updated May 16

"Oh darling how I've missed you"

"Harry, I was a baby when we were together"

"And now you're my baby"

When Harry Styles comes back to his hometown only to lust over the young girl he used to babysit as a teenager.

time_flys time_flys Oct 04
He doesn't evn have arm hair, how does one expect him to grow chest hair
CarelessElli CarelessElli 6 days ago
mhm say that now you got a cute little mustache and a cute little beard
time_flys time_flys Oct 04
By the time someone heard that, I'd already be on the other side of the world. Bags packed and everything
Welp great job of standing in a window smart stuff now you junk is free for the world =/
The PERFECT song to listen to while reading this is the sound track from American Beauty! It fits perfectly, especially if you've seen the movie! x