Married To My Stalker (Editing)

Married To My Stalker (Editing)

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Angel M. ❄ By jamiin045 Completed

Emily Valentine is an ordinary twenty-three year old girl that still lives with her dear parents. They love her so much that they won't let her out of their sight. Literally. That's why she's still living with them at the age of twenty-three.

     Emily thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world. She has parents that love her so, a sister to lean on, and a fiancé that would do anything for her. Everything was perfect for her and she thought nothing could ruin it for her. 

     But she didn't think that everything could be ruined by just a visit from an old friend.

  • kidnap
  • mystery
  • stalker
  • thriller
  • unwantedmarriage