Forever Mates

Forever Mates

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Selene Willows was 13 years old when her pack was attacked by the Midnight Pack.

 Ever since that dreadful day, Selene and her siblings have been hiding from them. Moving from place to place every few months, or every year.

It's been 5 years and they have avoiding the Midnight Pack. But when John Harrison, the Alpha of the Fire pack, and Selene fall in love everything changes. Will Selene stay with John and risk the Midnight Pack finding her, or will she leave him.

What is more important to her?

Her family, or John?

My sisters and I do that to each other whenever we capture another.
t_tamatem t_tamatem Sep 11, 2014
For a minute I thought he was masterbating.. wtf is Wong with me
blissit blissit Jun 22, 2014
It's good I like it mate vey early to tell for most but I can tell I love it , oui ;) . It's also a brilliant story line , very wicked and charming . Can't wait to see the out come an your thoughts cheers :) .
chocolate95087 chocolate95087 Aug 26, 2013
Haha I love the way she did tht to her bro cuz I did it tooo
just_a_brunette just_a_brunette Jan 10, 2013
heehee she poured water on him I love the book and the outfit she is wearing
hgames113 hgames113 Dec 05, 2012
really good. but superior male? dear god. i had to go to your profile to see whether you were a guy or girl. a girl. okay. sexist? towards your own gender?? *fakes shock and hurt* im appalled. ;]