The Shadow Watch (Completed)

The Shadow Watch (Completed)

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S. A. Klopfenstein By SAKlopfenstein Updated Dec 07, 2017

++ Sorceress, Astoria, and magic hunter, Darien, were once best friends. In another life, they might have been more. Now, they are pitted on opposite sides of an ancient magical war that could send their world into another magical apocalypse.++

In ages past, the Old World was ruled by magic and monsters, but after a cataclysmic magical war, the Chancellors of old rid the world of these curses and ushered in a New World-a world safe from magic, but not from the harsh injustices of humanity. The New World is cruel and bitterly divided, and the current Chancellor rules but a portion of the ancient Oshan empire. Sorcerers are slaughtered by the Chancellor's magic hunting Metamorphi, and lowborns are sent to their deaths fighting the wars of nobles.
	Tori is the lowborn servant of an Oshan general, and she has accepted her fate. She will do whatever she must to keep herself and her best friend, Darien, alive. But everything changes when Darien is drafted into the army without her-and worse-chooses to defect. In a desperate attempt to save him from execution, Tori displays an incredible magic power in front of the entire nation.
	This unwitting act triggers the makings of a revolution that may tear her world apart. Tori is not the only sorcerer discovering her power. Long ago, the magic-wielding Watchers fought to maintain peace in the world, and now, a new Watcher army is forming. With the help of a charismatic revolutionary, Tori escapes the Chancellor's wrath and joins a resistance army, called the Shadow Watch. Tori soon finds herself at the center of a dark game of magic, monsters, and politics that could send the entire New World into another cataclysmic war.

- Runner Up in The Chosen One contest by @Fantasci

Thanks to @-TheAnimeFreak- for the beautiful cover!

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Grimoira Grimoira Nov 16, 2017
                              This is great news! I can't wait to hold a copy of TSW in my hands!
macksyaroh macksyaroh Jan 09
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kitkat228 kitkat228 Nov 18, 2017
Now all have to do is to get the link to work for the newsletter
vkbloodgood vkbloodgood Dec 07, 2017
                              Congrats on getting an editor and cover artist! That's exciting!!