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A "Safe" Mission

A "Safe" Mission

15.7K Reads 824 Votes 8 Part Story
Merlin and Robin By MerlinGrayson Completed

Robin was injured on the previous Mission, so when a new Mission surfaces, Batman send the young justice on a dangerous tailing mission. All except Robin. Instead, since Batman has official JLA business to attend to, he sends Robin to a banquet that Bruce can't make. Bruce is happy that Robin is on a safe mission and goes about his business. But after a few hours there as Dick Grayson, the Joker makes an appearance. What will happen when Word finally gets out and the young justice finish their mission? Will they pursue The Joker or contact Batman? Or both? Is Dick really safe?

Multi-Gamer10 Multi-Gamer10 Aug 17, 2016
I think it might sound better as:
                              "Ah man. This is not asterous."
                              Or maybe
                              "Jeez, Bats needs to feel the aster."
LiveTheFandomLife LiveTheFandomLife Jul 24, 2016
He sounds like me when I sprain my ankle and my parents wouldn't let me dance.
Sirama218 Sirama218 Mar 12, 2016
I thought it was a bat rule to never leave the utility belt behind
Multi-Gamer10 Multi-Gamer10 Aug 17, 2016
Doesn't it seem suspicious though, that Joker only wants him?
xWhovianDemiwizardx xWhovianDemiwizardx May 11, 2016
You know how DaddyBats get, Dick. He's extremely overprotective O.O