The Bad Boys Good Girl

The Bad Boys Good Girl

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Kamalani Bridget Sophia By XxislandPrincessxX Updated Feb 07, 2016

Destiny is a good girl never one to start trouble,or do anything bad.
She is also the school nerd who is bullied constantly until one day the schools most notorious bad boy Jay Masters steps in and helps Destiny and decides to take her under his wing.

Jay Masters is the complete opposite. He is every parents worst nightmare, he is dangerous and doesn't care about anyone but him self until he sees Destiny being bullied he doesn't know what possessed him to help her but he did.

Come join as Jay and Destiny go thru ups and downs twist and turns arguments and markups to fallin in love to becoming The Bad Boys Good Girl.

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PhoenixIrwinmccabe PhoenixIrwinmccabe Feb 20, 2017
Not everyone. They are hot in books but annoying as FVCK to someone like me in real life. Quite disappointing. Why can't guys be like the ones in books
PhoenixIrwinmccabe PhoenixIrwinmccabe Feb 20, 2017
That picture is me. I played never have I ever with my friends today and it took five minutes after the others had gotten out for me to. And the said dumb things like never have I ever eaten a peach
PhoenixIrwinmccabe PhoenixIrwinmccabe Feb 20, 2017
All I can think of are the days I liked school.....
                              Oh, how stupid I was back then
HkmymyHK123 HkmymyHK123 Nov 29, 2016
I think it's ironic that Colton Haynes is playing Derek, and in Teen Wolf he played Jackson. I guess you could say they despised each other
The_Dreamer_10 The_Dreamer_10 Jul 01, 2013
Thanks for the dedication girlie :D can't wait for the next update!