Meant To Be

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Noemi Andrea Fernandaz By NoemiAmyNemo Updated 3 years ago
Aurora and Liam have been best friends since they have been born, they would always do everything together. But then Liam left to be with his other finally in another country. After Liam left everyone started treating Aurora like crap, She became the outcast and nerd at her school, her family would always treat her like crap and worse of all she is being used by mostly all the boys at her school. After a couple years, Liam finally comes back home, Aurora knew of the return of Liam so she changed her style just for one night, that same night they find out that they are both mates. He is handsome and She is ugly, in her mind thats what she thought.  When Liam starts school the next day, he didn't even recognize her behind her big glasses.  He didn't even notice her until he bumped into her and felt those lovely sparks. Only one name came out of his mouth. 
    Are they meant to be together?
I hope he still likes her after