Help Me (Ticcimask)

Help Me (Ticcimask)

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Toby's POV

I sat up in bed, yet again at an ungodly hour. My head swirled as I was lost in my own world. I listened to the voices in my head yell at me like my father used to do.


I flinched when I remembered how his open palm came down and collided with my tear stained cheek. I felt sick. He was right... "Who'd love a failure like me..?" I muttered as I chuckled to myself. I felt my eyes well with salty tears.

I shook my head and wiped them away with the back of my hand. My throat felt dry and my head pounded, I stumbled out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. The light of the refrigerator blinded me as I reached in for a bottle of water.


I jump when I hear a crackling familiar voice behind me. 

I curse loudly when I drop my water bottle and it lands on my foot. I covered my mouth with a tint of red dusting my cheeks. (Not dem cheeks ಠ_ಠ)
"Sorry..!" I whisper yell trying to keep my voice down, careful not to wake the others. I picke...

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adorablelion adorablelion Jul 10, 2017
Me:*looks at the title of the book*
                              🎶HELP ME HELP YOU🎶
Rebekka00555 Rebekka00555 Nov 18, 2017
Shut up toby, Phil is 4 years older than Dan and look how adorable GAY COUPLE they are!
Sans_Pansy Sans_Pansy Oct 27, 2017
Na it's cute an older guy and older teen is an adorable couple
jibberish_child jibberish_child May 26, 2017
you didn't forget the sideburns but you did to his adorable chub
- - Oct 23, 2017
My moms asleep and I almost burst out laughing at the pic on the top. God I'm such an idiot.
AnnaKatti AnnaKatti Aug 18, 2017
I thought he was 9 years older...
                              Forget it I'm just a buzzkill.